A requirement of all management systems is to undertake effective internal audit activities, to assess levels of compliance with policies, procedures, security controls and legislation, as well as the requirements of the management system standard itself. Fo4r many businesses, there is a challenge in resourcing experienced and capable audit personnel, independent of the audit being assessed, who can make professional assessments and produce comprehensive audit reports of their work. We can help.

  • Internal audits for

    • ISO9001 (Quality Management)

    • ISO14001 (Environmental Management)

    • ISO18001 (Ocupational Health & Safety Management)

    • ISO20000 (IT Service Management)

    • ISO27001 (Information Security Management)

    • ISO28001 (Supply Chain Security Management)

  • Second-party audits for your organisation's supply chain

  • Experienced Lead Auditors for more complex engagements

  • Due diligence and external validation activities

Conducting External ISO System Assessments

Northdown Systems is an Official Partner of British Assessment Bureau (BAB), and is able to introduce Northdown Systems' customers to this respected, UKAS accredited assessment organisation for their certification needs. Contact us for more information.

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