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At Northdown Systems, we have willingly supported a variety of organisations and charities with their social value activities, including reporting data into Social Value Quality Mark and similar schemes. As an SME ourselves, we regularly support a handful of great causes, as detailed below.







Northdown Systems were an early supporter of the innovative Co-Forest Project, having purchased 100 square metres of new forest at their "Acorn" site Bristol and Bath. This is already delivering environmental benefits here in the UK.

White Hat Rally















For many years, Northdown Systems has been a keen supporter of and participated in the annual White Hat Rally, a fun motoring event which raises over £50,000 annually for the children's charity Barnardos. 


Local Charity Support













We have welcomed the opportunity to provide advice and guidance to local charities on how to protect their IT systems and achieve acceptable GDPR compliance. The above was a workshop provided for Farnborough-based CMPP


Other Support











We have experience in other associated areas, for example in delivering the requirements of the ISO45003 standard for the management of mental health in the workplace. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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