Northdown Systems helped many organisations prepare and transition to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. Now that national supervisory authorities have greater powers to impose significant financial penalties on organisations who lose or mis-use personal data, or who fail to comply with GDPR's extensive requirements, there remains a need to have a reliable resource of qualified expertise to help you stay compliant, and provide the trust that your customers expect. We can:

  • Help your organisation to remain legally compliant with current data protection legislation

  • Assist you in understanding the personal data you hold, and the legal basis for which you do so

  • Assess whether your IT systems and other technologies are able to process and store personal data securely

  • Conduct and reporting on Data Protection Impact Assessments, if required

  • Evaluate the data protection capabilities of your suppliers (where they act as your data processors)

  • Provide you with a framework for preparing for and responding to data subject rights requests

  • Propose approaches for identifying and reporting personal data breaches

  • Provide effective and informative training for your personnel on data protection matters

Take a moment to preview a sample "GDPR Project Framework"

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