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At Northdown Systems, we provide the expertise and support to help our clients navigate through procurement lifecycles, helping technology suppliers to grasp the many opportunities which regularly come available. Almost a third of all public sector expenditure (c. £300bn each year) is spent through procurement. 

Standards and Regulations

The public sector has exacting standards for suppliers. These range from formal accreditations and certifications, to Net Zero and Social Value commitments, to compliance with legislation such as the Modern Slavery and Data Protection Acts. Northdown Systems can help you to tailor your organisation’s offerings to comply with public sector standards and regulations.

Navigating Procurement Rules

Public sector procurement law can be complex and confusing: all public sector suppliers must understand and comply with the rules. We can help you understand procurement rules and ensure your organisation and deliverables are compliant.

Understanding Routes to Market

Most public sector opportunities are subject to competitive tendering but it's not  always straightforward to find the right opportunity for your organisation. We can help you to understand and secure the most appropriate routes into the public sector market for your organisation.

Whole Lifecycle Support

Market engagement is key to good public sector procurement, giving buyers an informed view of market capability. It is also a great opportunity to engage with buyers. We can help you identify and respond to market engagement opportunities.

Procurement and Tendering

Effective, timely and compliant tendering is vital for winning public sector business. We can lead, manage or assist with your tenders, producing consistently high quality, compliant and winning proposals.

Contract Management

Public sector contracts are notorious for their complexity and their tendency to place excessive contract risk on suppliers. We can help you understand, negotiate and de-risk public sector contracts.

Exit Management

Many public sector contracts stipulate that the supplier must produce an exit plan within a given time frame from the point of contract. We can help you prepare a compliant and costed contract exit plan.

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